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Noah Lispic

Noah Lis

I always love seeing Noah Lis (from NBC's THE VOICE)  perform. Since I've seen him on the voice we have become good friends over the…
michaeladuhh Aug 11, 2014
Warped Tour: Charles Trippy- We The Kingspic

Warped Tour: Charles Trippy- We The Kings

Wow I keep wanting to post on here and then I get sick :/ But anyways here is one of the photos I took of…
michaeladuhh Aug 07, 2014
Warped Tour: Travis Clarkpic

Warped Tour: Travis Clark

A few weeks before a few of you may have noticed my panicing of my camera at Warped tour. I was reassured by the venue…
michaeladuhh Jul 29, 2014
Warped tourpic

Warped tour

I have a question about bringing cameras to warped tour. I know its not a dslr camera and i was wondering if it would be…
michaeladuhh Jul 03, 2014
Saw Whet Owlpic

Saw Whet Owl

Was going to post more Echosmith  photos but I just had a fantastic day today. As you know I talk about the club I'm in…
michaeladuhh Feb 12, 2014
Echosmith: Jamie Sierota soundcheckpic

Echosmith: Jamie Sierota (soundcheck)

Soundcheck is a lovely time. When Echosmith was soundchecking they were doing it mostly at different times.  Listening to Jamie playing guitar by his self…
michaeladuhh Feb 05, 2014
Echosmith: Sydney Sierota soundchecking drumspic

Echosmith: Sydney Sierota soundchecking drums

I'm going to continue with some of my photos of Echosmith for a few days. Sometimes the best photos are when the artist doesn't even…
michaeladuhh Feb 04, 2014


Ever have those spuratic moments to go to concerts?  Friday night I went to see the band known as Echosmith.  You may have heard of…
michaeladuhh Feb 02, 2014
Quabbin Reservoir: Boatspic

Quabbin Reservoir: Boats

Another photo of the boats at that you can take out on the Quabbin. I went with the black and white photo because it suited…
michaeladuhh Jan 26, 2014
Quabbin Reservoir: Enfield Lookoutpic

Quabbin Reservoir: Enfield Lookout

Hello people of buzznet! I know I said I was going to post a bunch of photos but I never wanted to turn my computer…
michaeladuhh Jan 25, 2014
Gamer catpic

Gamer cat

Recently I've been playing pokemon a lot and my cat tends to do anything she can for attention.  clearly she loves the attention and is…
michaeladuhh Jan 09, 2014
Nature's Wildlife: Cardinalpic

Nature's Wildlife: Cardinal

Hello Buzznet! School has taken over my life but i'm back for a bit to bring you so photos. They may not be wonderful photos…
michaeladuhh Jan 05, 2014
Zoo On The go: Armadillopic

Zoo On The go: Armadillo

Hello again! I wanted to upload a few photos that are not so great but are from today. The club I am in at my…
michaeladuhh Nov 12, 2013
Nature's Wildlife: Red Backed Salamanderpic

Nature's Wildlife: Red Backed Salamander

Hello people! It's been a while so I figured I would stop by Buzznet again.  As winter comes closer we are moving things around and…
michaeladuhh Oct 28, 2013

Owl City 9.1.13 Salisbury, MA

To start off the journey of seeing Owl City we left around noon that day. Going to pick up my friend and head over to…
michaeladuhh Sep 08, 2013
Sunset on the beachpic

Sunset on the beach

This was taken Sunday night waiting in line for Owl City. such a beautiful sight looking along the horizon
michaeladuhh Sep 03, 2013
Owl Citypic

Owl City

Hey guys its been a while!  Coming down to the end of summer for myself I had the most amazing opertunity last night.  I had…
michaeladuhh Sep 02, 2013
The Praying Mantispic

The Praying Mantis

It's been a while since I updated. I took a recent photo today that quite amazed me. I've never seen a wild praying mantis before…
michaeladuhh Aug 26, 2013
Zoo Collection: Duckpic

Zoo Collection: Duck

I thought this was such a cute duck so I decided to snap a quick picture.Taken at the Bronx Zoo in New York.   Sorry for the…
michaeladuhh Jul 14, 2013

Zoo Collection: Coquerel’s Sifaka

A photo I took of a Coquerel’s Sifaka at the Bronx Zoo in New York. I thought this photo looked pretty cool. 
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michaeladuhh Jul 04, 2013

Zoo Collection: Ring Tail Lemurs - Young Love

perfect capture of two ring tails kissing while at the Bronx Zoo in New York. sure is different compared to most zoo pictures I managed…
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michaeladuhh Jul 01, 2013

Zoo Collection: Tree Shrew

Photo of a tree shrew at the Bronx Zoo in New York. I thought it was really cute
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michaeladuhh Jun 25, 2013
Tiny Crawlerpic

Tiny Crawler

This photo is from few weeks ago when we had that first summer week. I was sunbathing on a chair on the river bank and…
michaeladuhh Jun 23, 2013 Originally by dottionvacation

Zoo Collection: Wild Horse

A photo of the wild horse at the Bronx Zoo in NY I 've always loved horses!
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michaeladuhh Jun 23, 2013

I think something is going on...

I'm constantly on Buzznet ever since I've uploaded my first zoo collection photos.  I learned to realize my photos are dissapearing which makes me quite…
michaeladuhh Jun 22, 2013
Zoo Collection: Langur Monkeypic

Zoo Collection: Langur Monkey

Mom and baby Langur Monkeys I saw at the Bronx Zoo in New York.
michaeladuhh Jun 21, 2013

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michaeladuhh Jun 20, 2013
Zoo Collection: Birdpic

Zoo Collection: Bird

Not sure of the type of bird this is. I feel like I know the name but its not clicking in my head.  This was…
michaeladuhh Jun 20, 2013
Sand Bach at Acadia National Park.pic

Sand Bach at Acadia National Park.

Taking a break from my zoo photos to bring you a photo I took at Sand Beach when I went to Acadia National Park in…
michaeladuhh Jun 18, 2013
Zoo Collection: Pink Birdspic

Zoo Collection: Pink Birds

not sure what kind of birds these are but I thought they were cool. Here's another picture from my Bronx Zoo Collection
michaeladuhh Jun 17, 2013

Sunny weekend

Reblogged from annier We have had a few weeks of very nice weather here and last weekend was glorious - unfortunately today it's back to normal…
michaeladuhh Jun 13, 2013 Originally by annier

Wow it's been a while!

Hey everyone. I know i haven't been on Buzznet in forever but it's finally summer and I have time on my hands. As you could…
michaeladuhh May 28, 2013

Wow it's been a while!

Hey everyone. I know i haven't been on Buzznet in forever but it's finally summer and I have time on my hands. As you could…
michaeladuhh May 28, 2013

Wow it's been a while!

Hey everyone. I know i haven't been on Buzznet in forever but it's finally summer and I have time on my hands. As you could…
michaeladuhh May 28, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

It's that time of year again It's not really about the presents for me anymore because times are rough  and a lot has been going…
michaeladuhh Dec 25, 2012

What am I thankful for?

This year I could say I am thankful for a few things. I am really thankful for having a great family. I been handed a…
michaeladuhh Nov 21, 2012

Amazing Places:Glass Beach

Reblogged from Katy Bambie During the early 20th century residents of Fort Bragg, California chose to dispose of their waste by hurling it off the cliffs…
michaeladuhh Nov 18, 2012 Originally by kattty

iWantJam Signs Up Pop/Rock Band Brookline Drive As An Endorsed Artist

Reblogged from musicdish Live music streaming portal iWantJam announced that it has selected Connecticut pop/rock band Brookline Drive as its third 'iWantJam Endorsed Artists.' The band…
michaeladuhh Nov 16, 2012 Originally by musicdish

5 Things Joey Thunder Is Thankful For This Year

Reblogged from joeythunder Happy Thanksgiving eve pre-week! A certain time of year to reflect what is really important to one's-self and be grateful for everything he/she…
michaeladuhh Nov 15, 2012

Instagram anyone?

Do you have an Instagram? It's the new Twitter or Facebook or whatever. Just my taking quick picture and applying a filter you can be…
michaeladuhh Nov 12, 2012
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